Posted: 22 Aug 2012 05:30 AM PDT
To add to the vulnerability of the computer users, hackers from all over the globe try to take advantage of any ongoing event. It was when the London Olympics were ongoing couple of weeks ago that the internet security saw a new malware reaching out to the public and affecting their computers.
In case you are also one of those who have received some email stating that you have won air tickets to London for the Olympic Games and by chance you have downloaded the attachment, then it may be possible that your system is infected with thisLondon Olympics Malware.
What this Olympic.Games malware does is that (after it has been downloaded by you from the spam email), it connects to the internet and acts as a malware downloaded which in turn downloads more malwares from the internet. It also tends to infect your installed software like MS Office and also sends out your information to the hacker making you to lose your secret information.
To curb this malware and stop it from spreading, the famous AntiVirus companyBitDefender had come up with the removal tool that specifically removes this Olympic.Games malware called as Olympic Malware Removal Tool. This malware removal tool comes free and can be used easily to scan your system.
You just need to download this Olympic Malware Removal Tool, scan your PC and clean out Olympic Games malware if detected in your system. It is interesting to note here that this Olympic Malware Removal Tool detects and remove only the Olympic.Games malware and you may not be able to find any other malware with this tool. However you can go for Mbam to search and delete other malwares.