Friday, 24 August 2012

Facebook rebuilds iPhone app for speed: what’s new, better and still needs work

Facebook today released a much-anticipated update for iPhone that makes loading News Feed, photos, messages and notifications significantly faster.
Previously, Facebook built its mobile apps with HTML5, which allowed it to release daily updates without requiring users to download a new version. This helped the company test new things and scale the app to hundreds of millions of users. But the user experience suffered because the app was so slow. Now with version 5.0, consuming content in the feed, adding comments, checking messages and notifications, and other actions happen almost instantaneously. Navigating to different sections of the app, for example from News Feed to Timeline, browsing pages or opening links, still lags a bit. Overall, most users will find the update to be a vast improvement, though it lacks some features users have been asking for, such as a share button.
When new stories are added to the feed or comments added to a post, users will see prompts to view the latest activity. Posts and comments load incredibly quickly.

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